Misc. Thoughts of An Everyday Weirdo

Well, the title says a lot, if you read it.

Test, Test, Test
It boiled down to wet paint...
Test. Test. Test...
It boiled down to wet paint smeared across a bedroom wall,
just behind the television.
Cover it up if it's too dark to enjoy,
but try to envision the perfect change.
What if it all matched flawlessly?
The edges of this room are too dark -
someone invited too many shadows into this place,
and the floral curtains do nothing for me,
but the furniture seems right as rain,
albeit a little dusty.

Change never hurt anybody.

the darker the walls,
the brighter the sky outside.
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New Stuffs
Just got a new white blackberry curve :DD haha and working on some stories. just a quick update lol

Valentine's Day
Happy Valentines Day everyone!
     Hope you all had a great one! I'm still working on my Band Of Brothers story, it been restarted plenty of times, if you'd like to see it, message me or leave a comment and i'll send you the rough draft of it so far xD Hooray no school tomorrow!! Sleep time!! haha so yeah. What's up? Hope you all had a blessed V-day, or as my friend david calls it, Singles Awareness Day xD Au Revior!!

    My Mood: Content

New Terms.
   Bleghh so new terms have begun. But, I will say, today was a wonderful day all in all. Kind of monotonous. But a wonderful day indeed :) First hour consisted of having a sub for music. A sub who couldnt tell a flute from a trumpet. Then second hour was the hour I wasn't looking forward to all that much. Gym. At least I knew two people in that class. Then Spanish in the portable classrooms. Yes, those are outside. And yes, God decided to be cruel and make it snow like no tomorrow today. Then lunch was enjoyable as it usually is. I mean, who doesn't love food? C'mon.
    And then english with mr. edelheit. A thirty year old guy who got tired of being a broke actor on broadway and decided to get his teaching degree. I think this term is going to be an enjoyable term though. Everyone's doing fine around home. I'm actually working on a BoB story. I'm not releasing anything yet. But it will hopefully be up sooner than you know it :)) well anyhoo. Thanks for reading thus far, there will be more in the future :) Au Revoir! Adios!  Tchuess! Wiedersehen!


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